I don’t understand the end of relationships

Okay real talk session, I don’t understand the end of relationships. I guess because I’m usually the one who ends the relationships because I realize time is too precious to waste. So with that being said why do people “hem and haw” (I heard my grandmother’s voice when I typed that) with ending things…..I think I may have a couple of theories (let’s be clear:I’M NOT AN EXPERT, JUST AN OUTSPOKEN FABULOUS INDIVIDUAL WITH AN AMAZING PERSONALITY)….

We are naestalgic…… we hold on past the expiration date to remember the good times. Isn’t that silly? The relationship has moved past the point of enjoyment, you’ve pleaded your case and both parties can’t agree on a solution, as the song goes “LET IT GO! LET IT GOOOO!!!” (God thank you for not letting me have children that sing this song, I swear I’d be in a facility). Think about it this way, it’s like keeping food past the expiration date. Yes it was good for the moment, but now it has your refrigerator stinking and it no longer resembles the dish that you took a picture of and posted on instagram (You ig chef you lol).

Be an adult about it (you are not Peter Pan, you have to grow up). Yeah the truth hurts but at least it’s the truth. Stop saying things like “I’m going to hang out with the girls” or “my FRIEND needs help”. Really?  That’s how you are going to try get out of ending things? Or is it you’re just selfish? Be real with yourself and the other person,  and give them closure. Playing with another person’s happiness and well being is cruel and selfish (Okay I’m about to get out of  my feelings…… nope give me a second….. okay butterflies, cookies, Dwayne Johnson, Lance Gross, Idris Elba… goodness life is good lol).

Okay that took a weird turn….. sorry (seriously back to the funny). But seriously, what is it that makes it so hard to let go or detach? It’s like we are so afraid to let go of the past because we are unsure of our future. But I mean that’s life, that’s why we live. If life was predictable then it would be boring. We are meant to live with the faith that everything will turn out okay,  and the truth is it will. Relationships come and go but what matters most is that you learn from each one and experience life as it comes to you 🙂

Disclaimer: if you read too much into this I promise you won’t find anything. Quit being so deep, live and love. And don’t just love, love with reckless abandonment 🙂


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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

2 thoughts on “I don’t understand the end of relationships

  1. It is because we are afraid of the inevitable and sometimes as “fixers” we think that sticking it out maybe it will change. For me it was more so loyalty although it wasn’t reciprocated. I felt thati wouldn’t want anyone to leave me when I was being difficult. ……..

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