The Law of Reciprocation…..Karma!


So I may get some flack for this but it’s the truth and hopefully the truth will set yall free because I know I am.

This is not for ALL married men, nor am I bashing any that are my real friends because you guys are great examples of how married men operate. No, this is for that select few that have their cake and want to eat it too (I didn’t understand this until I was in college lol). You greedy little boys who can’t be happy with the choices you’ve made in life. The ones who said “MINE” a lot as kids because you didn’t want to share. These are the men I’m writing about today.

What would your wife think if she saw you in my inbox? Do you think she would approve? What gives you the audacity to think I would find interest in you knowing that your martial status? I don’t want to be the person you talk to when you have issues (I can’t help you because I’m not married). I don’t want to be your so called “ESCAPE” from reality because I have a reality of my own (And ititit’s freaking awesome sauce!!)

You selfish, stingy little boy who needs a confidence boost because things are tough, of course it’s tough you aren’t communicating with the person you vowed to share the rest of your life with. What would your wife think if she found out you were on my blocked list because you don’t understand no means no?

I refuse to accept your advances or even engage in chit chat because I put myself in your wife’s shoes. If I were your wife what would I think……ha you really don’t want to know (currently thinking of a certain scene in Waiting to Exhale….. don’t judge me I’m not there yet lol)

So please if you are this type of man, please cease and desist. I’m not a home wrecker nor do I have aspirations to be a side chick. I am comfortable with my non-married status. I don’t need your attention. I know I’m beautiful and intelligent. I’m not thirsty and even if I were, it wouldn’t be for anyone who’s taken.

I remember a long time ago someone said it was my fault that this happens. To that I say hogwash and balderdash (I’ve always wanted to use that word lol). I don’t make myself available nor do I feel I need to walk around with a scowl on my face (that’s how society sees black women all the time). I can’t help that I have a magnetic personality but I do know who and where to use it. I refuse to accept responsibility for wandering eyes and a loose sense of devotion. But I will try my best to encourage and remind those who need it of the vow they took before God and their families. I will make sure to uphold my own morality at all costs because I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m the wife wondering and thinking.

Remember what ever you put out is what you receive……but until then I’m going to be freaking awesome 🙂


You might be a teacher if…….

To all my educator friends who have endured the school year,  I say HYFR (you can interpret those letters for your own enjoyment)!!! Congratulations! You made it through another one. Whether you retired, returned to the same school, changed schools, moved up, moved down or just said “F*** IT” (interpret at your own free will), you still made it and that makes you the real MVP! Here are a couple things to make you laugh and enjoy your first month off…….54198154

1. You might be a teacher if…….

You gained or lost any amount of weight during the school year. I think this was a running joke this year to see who’s clothes would be too big or too small by the end of the year. The amount of stress teachers go through in a year can be compared to one waiting the verdict on the death penalty (yes I know this is extreme but this is what happens when your job depends on teenagers or any child for that matter).

2. You might be a teacher if

You feel the need to correct children who are not your’s when in public. Baby this is one I struggle with all the time. It actually happened today while attending my best friend’s graduation.

3. You might be a teacher if…..

You look forward to not knowing the day of the week! God bless summer vacation,  you can turn your brain off for at least a month….. with that being said……CLICK!!

4. You might be a teacher if…..

You get offended when people say “at least you get summers off”. Man….. really!?! You have no idea what goes on from August to June….. man don’t make me…. (woo-sahing as I type)teacher4

5. You might be a teacher if…….

You get happy when you don’t have to pee on a timed schedule. Yes I said it! I can actually drink the amount of water I’m supposed to drink because I can pee whenever I want (insert “evil take over the world” laugh)

Well I’m about to enjoy the beginning of my summer vacation. No real plans just going with the flow and seeing what adventures and shenanigans I can get into. My grandmother always told me “Honey you don’t work summer school, that is your time”. I have followed this advice for 8 years now and NOTHING can make me go against it. Have a great summer teachers!