F.O.E= family over everything! Man when I tell yall this is my family….. if I had any questions in my mind if this was true, this trip proved it. My family will go to war together and for each other. To say they have my back would be an understatement, they’ve got my front, back, head to toe and side to side. They tell me when I’m wrong, when I’m right, when I’m acting crazy, and when I need to shake it off. This trip came at the right time. Yes, I went through a break up (I’m getting over it please believe) but I’ve been letting it eat me up inside. So much so I lost myself. Lost my smile, my disruptive personality, my joy….blah, blah, blah. To my family I bring the “sunshine” lol I am literally the party animal of the family. It’s okay I accept my role, that’s who I am in life. The disrupter, the person who hates a quiet room full of people, the one always making noise, making people smile and giving my daddy a reason to say “girl it’s something wrong with you” and chuckle.

Oh but this trip…..I am ashamed to say I brought a person who I have never seen in my life. This person was grade A, top quality, Queen Biayotch of the east. She had a broom stick, an ugly sneer, and a tongue that could cut like a sword. The only time I was a glimmer of myself was at the beach on Key West, but at dinner I was back to being Queen Biayotch of the west (changed directions lol). My family brought me back to myself. My fabulous little sister told on me (yep she told her 20 year old self told on my 32 year old grown behind) after a blow up (yes for those who know me I blew the freak up, crazy right?). My mama and daddy helped me straighten up, and everyone else just loved me through the process. They didn’t tell me I didn’t have a right to be angry, but they did let me know I couldn’t let it turn me into someone I’m not.

See, that’s what I’m talking about. To me family doesn’t let you continue throwing temper tantrums. They don’t let you become a shadow of yourself. No matter what’s going on, who hurt you, who died, who left, sickness, health, it doesn’t matter, they bring you back to your natural essence. Why? Because they know and love the real you, not the masks we put on to fool people. If you don’t have a family like this, don’t worry you can join mine (like for real we love everybody). They are my support, my thermometer, my reality check! F.O.E definitely equals family over anything.


*It’s more than this, but they went on the trip with me*

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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

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