Whomp, whomp, whoooooommmmppppp


Ha the way I feel about my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very optimistic, but COME ON lol the amount of foolishness that has happened this year….. like every month I hear “whomp, whomp, whoooooommmmppppp” (lol….hahaha its not funny but….). I’ve been zonked since January lol actually probably since October of last year (blah).

But with the passing of my 33rd birthday (yes honey 33) I feel like something special is on the horizon. No I’m not talking about kids or anything but I just feel like the changes and disappointments will have served some type of purpose . I’m looking forward to more adventures and opportunities.

I can tell you this I’m working on my fear of heights. At some point I’m going to do indoor skydiving, and then plan to jump out of a plan…..literally I’m going to actually jump out of a plane. This is the most frightening thing I can fathom in my imagination at the moment but it’s necessary for growth. Conquering fears, to me,  is a must to progress. If I can’t jump out of a plane then how can I step on faith for other things.

Health wise, I have got to get off these blood thinners. I hate taking meds everyday….. makes me feel old….. like I need a pill box to remind me every day (my grandparents have those….. swear I’m not old enough for that). But I’m doing great with this weight loss…..sweet baby Jesus…. I’m not melting away but certain things are (I need to go for a run after this). It just feels good…..I feel good.  Not talking about the runners high or the high I feel after lifting weights (beast mode!!!….She Hulk status)… but mentally I feel good. I know my limits, I’m not trying to be a cross fit warrior (tried it and HAVE IT).

For now I’m just on the path of moving forward. Things are changing in my life but I can honestly say I’m happy and content. I feel like I’m okay…..and that’s what matters right?


*I’m seriously smiling…..like for real :)*

When Did the Roles Switch

Beautiful world……I’m coming off the roller-coaster ride of my last post to bring you this lol what happened to real dating? What happened to people being cordial to one another without some under lying motive.

Case in point I had the great opportunity to have a brief text conversation with a gentleman (using this term very loosely). For some reason a he was under the strange impression that I should have asked him out on a date. Now I’m all for women’s rights (I dare not say I’m the “F” but …I am), but if someone expresses that they have an interest in you shouldn’t they be the one to set up the date? Please by all means answer…..I’ll wait…… (okay getting bored and tired of waiting)….well my answer is yes. In my world if you like me you will pursue, and yes it’s because I’m a treasure and you need to know my worth. Truthfully on a first date I’m looking to see if the man will step up and take control and I will by all means pay my share.

Well this fine gentleman thought that since I am an independent, successfully employed, childless single woman it was my job to take care of him. He even offered to have me drop all contact with other men because of his interest but not take me out on a date. Doesn’t this sound foolish? At what point did it become the woman’s job to take charge in a relationship? Not even that, when did the roles reverse? While you’re thinking of the answer I’ll just leave you with his response when I told him I didn’t think I was the woman for him. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong but….this time I don’t think so……….

2015-10-08 10.39.04


Was feeling this mask 🙂

You Thief……..


Here’s my new confession: I am worried about my intellectual property being stolen. I love this blog and the fact that I am able to be open and speak my mind, however……..I have found that somebody has stolen my voice…… my whole writers identity. Now let me say this so I can stay right with God and myself: I’m glad you thought my work was great. I appreciate that you saw the value in it. Please remember you reap what you sow. I can always continue to put out my material because it comes from my personality. You on the other hand have none. I’m angry and disappointed but I hope you get everything you have been “working hard for”. To my loyal readers I’m sorry you had to see me go in but I have had enough of low down, sneaky people using my kindness and loyalty as a weakness.

So if you think this is about you, it is! Just know I see you…… and you showed your hand. Well played