Whomp, whomp, whoooooommmmppppp

Ha the way I feel about my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very optimistic, but COME ON lol the amount of foolishness that has happened this year….. like every month I hear “whomp, whomp, whoooooommmmppppp” (lol….hahaha its not funny but….). I’ve been zonked since January lol actually probably since October ofContinue reading “Whomp, whomp, whoooooommmmppppp”


When Did the Roles Switch

Beautiful world……I’m coming off the roller-coaster ride of my last post to bring you this lol what happened to real dating? What happened to people being cordial to one another without some under lying motive. Case in point I had the great opportunity to have a brief text conversation with a gentleman (using this termContinue reading “When Did the Roles Switch”

You Thief……..

Here’s my new confession: I am worried about my intellectual property being stolen. I love this blog and the fact that I am able to be open and speak my mind, however……..I have found that somebody has stolen my voice…… my whole writers identity. Now let me say this so I can stay right withContinue reading “You Thief……..”

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