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Happy May loves!!! Let’s start off with our usual dating tip:

Dating Tip: if he feels the need to always compete with you or “one up” you,  he’s not the one. A man will be proud of your accomplishments and commend you for your ambition,  no matter what. If he’s always trying to make himself seem “more” than…….RUN!!!!!

Okay so April was crazy. Flooding in my city, favorite purple loving genius of an artist passed away,  and Queen Bey released a visual album 3 days before her world tour and performs it. Oh yeah and my track team kicked some booty this year (yes….I’m a teacher and coach). Besides that my little world has slowly started to become extra small.


Now May has been amazing!!! New and old friends have reminded me of what happiness can truly be. I have gotten over heart break, stopped worrying about my future and learned how to live. I don’t seek anyone’s approval anymore. For what? So someone can tell me that I didn’t do it right.

So what’s next you say? Really I don’t know. I have learned that trying to plan out my life really didn’t bring me any happiness or joy. I do know I want to write about what it’s like to be single. How much fun I’m having, how much I’m enjoying myself , and how much everyone else should be doing the same things as a single person. We get so wrapped up in preparing ourselves for that perfect mate that we never enjoy being ourselves. Wait…I think I got off track.

What’s next? Traveling…..I’m off to see the world before my passport expires. Oh and smile at as many people as possible ( Because someone once said my smile lights up everybody’s day :))






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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

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