My Confession: My Body Issues

Hey loves!!! Summer is almost over and school is about to start. Usually I’m extra sad around this time because my adventures end and I get really focused on the school year….but not this year. I plan to continue this fabulous journey in life and not limit myself to the 5-9 grind (yep I typed that right…teacher/Coach remember).

I would start with a dating tip but I seem to not have anything except be yourself. You’re enough for whoever is meant for you and don’t ever forget that 😘 (and don’t try to change yourself to be enough….it will only end in disaster)


Ok ok… we go. My name is Janae and I have body issues. Yes my confident, self loving, never ashamed self has body image issues. I can say I’m borderline Body Dysmophic….(confession is good for the soul right). Like most women I look at my flaws but unfortunately they are magnified and distorted. Basically when I look in the mirror I see things magnified x10.

I may look confident in pictures but you don’t know how many pictures I took to get the courage to post that one. When I go shopping I end up buying clothes 2 sizes too big because I’m delusional about my body type and size. It’s frustrating and confusing. I know women all over the world are making a push for body acceptance and self love but it’s hard when you look in the mirror and see the exact opposite of what you are.

Maybe just maybe if I can come out about my issues I can help someone else. So here I am….my name is Janae, I’m 230 lbs, I’m a 40 DDD, I have thick thighs with an a** to match. I will never get back down to a size 8 but I will accept that I am a wonderful curvy 12-14. I workout and eat healthy. I am healthy and I am beautiful.

* I cried before I put on the black and white outfit…..*