My Confession: My Body Issues

Hey loves!!! Summer is almost over and school is about to start. Usually, I’m extra sad around this time because my adventures end and I get really focused on the school year….but not this year. I plan to continue this fabulous journey in life and not limit myself to the 5-9 grind (yep I typed that right…teacher/Coach remember).

I would start with a dating tip but I seem to not have anything except be yourself. You’re enough for whoever is meant for you and don’t ever forget that 😘 (and don’t try to change yourself to be enough….it will only end in disaster)


Ok ok… we go. My name is Janae and I have body issues. Yes, my confident, self-loving, never ashamed self has body image issues. I can say I’m borderline Body Dysmophic….(confession is good for the soul right). Like most women, I look at my flaws but unfortunately, they are magnified and distorted. Basically, when I look in the mirror I see things magnified x10.

I may look confident in pictures but you don’t know how many pictures I took to get the courage to post that one. When I go shopping I end up buying clothes 2 sizes too big because I’m delusional about my body type and size. It’s frustrating and confusing. I know women all over the world are making a push for body acceptance and self-love but it’s hard when you look in the mirror and see the exact opposite of what you are.

Maybe just maybe if I can come out about my issues I can help someone else. So here I am….my name is Janae, I’m 230 lbs, I’m a 40 DDD, I have thick thighs with a** to match. I will never get back down to a size 8 but I will accept that I am a wonderful curvy 12-14. I work out and eat healthily. I am healthy and I am beautiful.

* I cried before I put on the black and white outfit…..*


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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

5 thoughts on “My Confession: My Body Issues

  1. You are beautiful just the way you are. Never be ashamed of your size or proportions. They make you, you.

    1. First of all Miss Strickland,
      Ever since I met you in the 4th grade until now you have been rock solid. Lbs and clothes sizes will always fluctuate. You inspire people even when you’re not trying to. I’d rather be stacked than skinny fat! Love you.

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