I Want to be a Reality….

Well look what’s coming in around the corner……October. Lord where has this year gone? Well let’s catch up….I’m still single, still emotionally unattached, and searching. My best friend told me it seems like I’m in my year of “DISCOVERY”. So let’s talk about it….my new discoveries. But first lemme take a selfie…no its dating advice time:

Dating tips September/August: Do not rely on your “Representative” to win people over. At some point the real you has to show. So it’s up to you to be confident with who you are and that you can present yourself to your person of interest without any fakeness….it’s okay to be you.

Okay this is the thing I have realized about myself, so many humans of the opposite sex have called me their “fantasy”. I’ve either been called a “high school fantasy”, “college fantasy”, “teacher fantasy”, blah blah blah blah but honestly I don’t want to be your fantasy. Fantasies change. Fantasies are like fairytales, they sound good, touch your heart but we all know they aren’t real. They are the exception not the rule of life. It takes too much work to be a fantasy. I can’t be my true self and be a fantasy. Here’s a couple of reasons why (some of these can be found in one of my previous posts, if you’ve read these before just humor me and reread them….I mean you did click the link so let’s not waste it lol):

  1. I hate wearing weave!! I only wear it because I’m too chicken to get the actual cut and style I want for my natural hair. Also it’s easier to deal with since I have to wake up at 445 am to get ready for work. Yes I am lazy that’s why I wear weave, I don’t like wigs and can continue to care for my hair underneath without fooling with it.
  2. I am so not a lady (still in these 34 years I can’t get this concept down smh) I can dress the part, I can act the part, but when I get tired of pretending you get the fabulous tomboy that I am and will always be.
  3. I’m bossy….not just a little bossy….I’m REALLY bossy. Can’t help it, I learned from the best (Grandma Strickland was the best one I knew lol). I have a dominant personality so when I see things not getting done like they should, it kicks in. Don’t take offense or you can, I really could care less.
  4. I’m not as confident as you think. I have my days where I’d rather lay in bed all day and not look in a mirror. I have my days where I’d rather wear the biggest t-shirt and the biggest sweats I can find than put on something that fits my body. It takes a lot to to be this fabulous everyday. Not everyone knows the struggles and the pep talks that have be had before I step out the door, take a picture, or make any kind of appearance.

So just to spare you here’e the short list of reasons I really shouldn’t be a fantasy. Don’t get me wrong it’s flattering at times but I have to be myself. I’d rather be your reality than your fantasy. It’s my fantasy to be able to be a accepted for all my flaws, physical, mental and emotional. Spare the fantasy crap…..just say you like the the pieces of me.

Honestly…..I can always take a pretty picture but it’s not real life 🙂

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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

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