I love……

Hey Loves!!! So this was the month for love and I have decided to write myself a love letter. I am writing this letter to counter act  some things that have been floating around in other people’s minds. To counter act poisonous opinions that have seeped in and caused me to second guess who I am. I am writing this letter to voice that no matter what you think or feel about what I’m doing or how I’m living my life…..I LOVE ME!!!!!

I love me
I love me for everything I stand for
I love me
I love me from the top of my head to the bunions on my feet.
I love me
I love me for being adventurous and not staying stagnant in my life
I love me
I love me for all the things you think I should hate about me
I love me
Yes I know it’s vain but if I don’t love me for who I am….how can I expect someone else to?
I love me
For the weight fluctuations to the changes in bra sizes
I love me
I will shout it from the roof top and declare it to EVERYONE

Can you tell this is the attitude all my friends have?

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Life in your thirties can be different. Thank God for family, good friends and adventures in life to keep it interesting.

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