#LessonsLearned #30daysofblogging and a Better Head Space


Day 11 and here I am. The #30daysofblogging challenge has dramatically improved my mental space. I can’t say I’m 100% okay because no one actually is but I can say I’m in a much better head space. If you are new to the blog well let me catch you up and for others let me give you an update. 11 days ago I was in a really bad place mentally. My depression and anxiety were at an all time high. So much so I missed 2 networking events because of panic attacks. I was able to identify I needed to do something different and came up with a plan. 

The plan was simple: limit my time on social media, blog for 30 days straight, increase my cardio and spend 10 minutes of each morning in silence. So far I’ve been doing okay but I still need help in some areas. 

No more messenger:

 Not only have I been limiting my time on social media but I also have gotten rid of Facebook messenger. That was the hardest thing to let go. I honestly have 2 of my top three group chats on messenger but I had to let it go.I knew I couldn’t be a good friend/sister if I wasn’t in a good head space. Do I feel like I’m missing out on their lives, nope I can always text them to make sure they are okay. Mental health is the single most important thing to help you foster positive relationships. If my friends don’t get it, then they aren’t my friends anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️

Cardio sucks but power lifting is my jam:

Yes I’m still getting my cardio in but not as frequent as I said I would. I don’t know but it’s just not my go to. I’m more of a power girl and so in October I’m going to compete in my first power lifting meet!!! I feel so amazing about it because it gives me a goal to shoot for. With that being said if you are reading this you are now officially an accountability partner. Make sure you check up on me every now and then and give me some good old words of encouragement. 

Not quite 10 minutes….:

I’m still trying to master this 10 minutes of quiet time. It’s freaking hard with 1 million things going on during the day. Oh and did I mention a husband, yeah he searches for me in his sleep so leaving the bed in the morning is kind of hard. Regardless, I’m going to try a little bit harder to get a little bit of silence in my life. Especially before school starts back. 

As you can see I’m trying. That’s the biggest thing, I refuse to quit and let the darkness of the depression win. Make sure you check out the recent podcast if you haven’t watched or listened to it yet.  The next episode will be on July 10 and we will be discussing why you shouldn’t date when you’re lonely. Also check out the MERCH website and let me know what you think. Would you like to see something added or taking away. If so, just leave a comment on this page. 

Episode 13

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