#Lessonslearned This Depression is Hitting a Little Different

I am so happy mental health is becoming more of a priority,because depression is real. Honestly I feel like the black community can still do better with supporting going to therapy. There’s so much trauma we deal with on a daily basis. You are probably thinking to yourself “We all have our issues”. Let’s beContinue reading “#Lessonslearned This Depression is Hitting a Little Different”


#lesssonslearned Why I Started A Podcast

  Hey my loves!!! Long time no hear from. Honestly it’s my fault. I’ve been trying to get other things off the ground and I am totally excited. The first thing…I actually finished my book. That’s right, a whole entire book. Actually I’m going to get started on my second book and that makes meContinue reading “#lesssonslearned Why I Started A Podcast”

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