5 Reasons You Should Log Off

Hey Loves!! Social media is a beast and sometimes I know we struggle to break away and log off. Here’s the thing…social media doesn’t deserve you. It doesn’t deserve your attention, your energy, your positivity, nada. You need to know that you have the right to log off.

log off


Mental Health

Our mental health is more important than likes and other people’s opinions. Studies have proven that social media is horrible for mental health. It creates anxiety and depression which causes the user to stay to scroll more. It has an addictive way of luring you into other people’s business. Even alerting you to the newest social outrage that we will do nothing to solve. If anything we need to log off for the simple fact that our brains need a break. 

Reality is so much better

As much as we love the pictures of our cousin’s newborn baby, how much better would it be to see them in person. The joy I feel when meeting up with my friends rather than dm discussions or a meme in the group chat is uncomparable. I love to tell my friend how fire she looks in her formal dress. Embracing my niece is so much more enjoyable than looking at a picture of her on Instagram.

Reality is meant to be experienced, not through a screen, but through our five senses. It’s better to hear the inflection in someone’s voice and the emotion that is expressed when someone is telling a story. Rather than reading a paragraph littered with emojis on a facebook post. I promise you, it’s another reason to just log off. 

It’s a bubble 

Have you ever noticed the more you like something the more you see it on your timeline?Social media sites create algorithms that continue to give you more of what you like. Click on an ad about shoes and your timeline is full of shoes. Ask someone about a certain singer or author and that’s all you see. That’s how people get stuck in thinking EVERYONE thinks like them. It’s not that, social media is giving us what we are asking for to keep us coming back (remember the addictive lure?). Just log off.   

It’s using you 

Along with that algorithm that keeps us coming back, they are using us. Yep, I said it, they are just using us for marketing research. How do I know? Well, I am sort of an influencer (as much as I hate that word). I promote my business on social media. It’s a way that I get my products to the masses. When I make ads I target my users based on information that is provided by facebook. All the questions people answer about their interest are ALL being collected to give companies more insight into you. Social media is just a data collection to help companies take your money. Girl….log off!!

It doesn’t deserve you

Social media doesn’t deserve you. It doesn’t even appreciate you. If the previous reasons didn’t convince you I’m hoping this one does. You are not data, we are more than likes. We are unique individuals who have our own opinions. Sure someone may agree with you but no one thinks like you. Social media just lumps us all into categories in hopes that we feel a special connection. Girl, please be authentically you and just log off.


I know it’s hard to separate from the screen, I get it. There’s so much out there that makes us laugh, cry and connect to other humans through social media, but you can do that in real life. Be sure to come back for more life lessons and ramblings from your girl. Also, the next podcast episode will be available on December 11, but in the meantime check out previous episodes here and get caught up. 




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