The Reasons…..Beginning a Blog and Podcast

Hey my loves!!! This post is all about the reasons I began Confessions From A Red Couch blog and podcast. I’ve been trying to get other things off the ground and I am totally excited. The first thing…I actually finished my book. That’s right, a whole entire book. Actually, I’m going to get started on my second book and that makes me even more excited. The second thing is to make sure you are following my Instagram and Facebook account for the MERCH website  (lol). 


So if you haven’t noticed I started a podcast in January based on the blog. You can click here to catch up on episodes. But yeah that really happened and it happens biweekly on Wednesday nights. The episodes can be found on major listening platforms as well as YouTube for the live replay. Honestly, I still don’t feel like I am totally in my groove but I’m extremely happy that I started.

Why I started Blogging?

Lol stupid fall risk bracelet….

Confessions From A Red Couch was born out of frustration. I had lost some of my pillars of strength in life. I was diagnosed with a blood clot that appeared out of thin air, my hope and faith were gone. I couldn’t pray….matter of fact, I didn’t even know what to pray. I was mad at everyone including God and felt there was nowhere to turn (depressing right). Could Things Get any Worse?


Could things get worse?

One of the days I snuck to watch my athletes at practice

One Saturday night when I was confined to my house (Dr ordered time at home) I figured I would change my surroundings in the house. So I went to my library/front room (I call it the creamsicle room) and sat on my red couch and started writing EVERYTHING I was feeling that would have led me to commit suicide in that room. Every hurt, every pain, every frustration, EVERYTHING. I would cry, write and sleep (this was the cycle for 2 days) and when I finished I finally prayed. Finally opened my mouth and talked to God. I let God heal my heart and dry my tears. I let go and at the moment of release, God presented me with the name “Confessions From the Red Couch”.

I Found My Voice

Now it still wasn’t easy. I always thought who in the world would want to read my ramblings. Who would actually read this foolishness? No one will be able to relate to me and my own personal pity party. Every time I would write an entry someone would inbox me saying how my transparency helped them. Someone would always send an email about how they don’t feel alone in their situation.

I never expected this blog to really be anything, just a place to rant, but it helped save my life. God allowed me an outlet for not only me but for others. Am I rich from blogging? Nope. Do I do this for monetary gain? I want to someday, but for now, I’m writing for the simple fact that I owe it to God to share my experiences with others. Are things better now than when I first started blogging? Yep, but it’s not perfect, and I’m okay with that. 

Why did I start a podcast?

 I wanted to actually be the face of what I type because well I look like the majority of my audience. Being a semi-young, educated, middle class, AFRICAN AMERICAN women, who take pride in wearing graphic t-shirts and glasses that are not needed. I am very expressive with my body when I talk and a cuss word may slip out if I’m not really being really careful about what I am saying (yes….judge ya mama, oh and this is a shirt, go buy it lol).

I love creating and I love sharing what I create. Even though before each episode I am extremely nervous, probably have a migraine and my eye is twitching, I absolutely live for the thrill of discussing how to build a better relationship with yourself and hearing my guests chime in. I try to keep things unmessy (is that even a word) but you know things happen and well you gotta talk about them.

Well….that’s all folks lol I really appreciate those who have stuck with me as a have traversed this thing called life for the past 5 years. Yall have stuck with me through a lot and for that I am thankful. Make sure to go back and read some of my old pieces.

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