Who Would I Love To Meet

3 Women I would Love to Meet

Certain people shape our lives for the better and then there are those that you read about but would love to meet in person. I have been blessed to have amazing women (you can read about them here) in my family that have shaped and molded me into the young nerdy gangster I am today (laughing but very serious lol). Here are the three women I would love to meet and spend some time just chit chatting and laughing over some good old tea.

Love to meet

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, Queen of the side-eye, most fabulously dressed, and one of a kind first lady. I don’t think we will ever get another first lady like her. Before even meeting President Obama she had a deep knowledge of herself. Michelle Obama grew into her own before even thinking about being connected to someone for eternity. I think her story is amazing. Even though I read her book and listened to the audio-book (because the tickets sold out too fast when she came to Houston), I want to know more about her. Her true thoughts about the ones who hated her very presence in the White House. I want to know how she’s adjusted to semi-regular civilian life.

Toni Morrison

Tar Baby pulled me in and Beloved captivated me. Toni Morrison’s words captured my young heart the moment I opened her book. I watched a documentary and listened to her speak of her life and how she came into the literary world. To think a young woman who grew up in Ohio became the voice for the African American woman’s experience here in America . She paved the way for other amazing authors. All because she felt the need to give back women a chance to share their stories.

My Great Great Great Grandmother

She was the daughter of a slave master, passed as white to escape slavery and died during childbirth. My great great great grandmother experienced things I could never understand. I want to know how she was treated as a child. What were her thoughts as she just walked away from a life she knew she could never return to? What was her relationship with her mother and her siblings?
These women in my eyes were brave. They stood up against all odds, lived their lives without looking for fame or notoriety. I think that’s missing in today’s society. I know the majority go through issues and their stories should be told. But then some are just clout chasers. The only reason we know their stories is so they can be verified by society.

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