Episode 20 Adultish Gift-Giving

Adultish Gift-Giving

As we start adulting, gift-giving becomes a little more complex. So this episode we coined the phrase “adultish gift-giving” No longer are we jaded by the bright and shiny new toys that will be broken within 24 hours. We now want things that can help make this scam we call adulting just a bit more tolerable. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the gifts we give to make those we love happy. My girls and I also talk about holiday traditions and what they mean to us. Make sure you sign up for the email list to get the big discount, from now until Dec. 31st. 

Random lessons in Dating:

Stop calling me!!! We talked about a topic that was sent in by a listener. Why do people contact you after they see you in a happy relationship? Is it human nature for us to be greedy? Also, we talk about how to stop that person from ruining your good thing. 

Social Media randomness

  1. The Turkey Leg Hut Conspiracy: How gentrifiers lied and schemed and tried to get a popular restaurant shut down. 
  2. Ms. Universe: how the face of beauty is changing in society

Confession time: Adultish Gift-Giving

  1. Adultish gift-giving: How to give gifts to improve adulting
  2. Holiday traditions and how they have changed as we get older
  3.  How the scam of adulting has changed us over time 

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Make sure to check out the recent blog posts “Who I would Love to Meet” and “An Open Letter to My Younger Self“. The Podcast will return next week for our last episode before we go on Holiday break and will return January 8, 2020. Until then make sure you improve your relationship with yourself so you don’t take your trash to others.

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