Dealing With Grief

Dealing with Grief

This episode was an eye-opener for me as my wonderful guest and I discussed dealing with grief. My lovely guest Cynthia Wright who I a podcaster, writer. She is the creator of her podcast called Getting Your Sh*t Together Podcast, where she talks about life recovery, trauma, and how addressing patterns was the key to her life in sobriety. You can find her on all streaming podcast services and on Instagram at @gettingyourishtogether. New episodes drop every Thursday at 8amET! Check it out.

Dealing With Grief Show Information

On this episode of Confessions From a Red Couch Podcast, we discussed the grieving experienced we both endured due to the loss of close loved ones. We talked about how no one can dictate how long or how you deal with grief and how it manifests.  We also discussed the positive and negative ways that we coped during the process.

The next show is all about setting healthy boundaries. Y’all already know that I a big on creating positive boundaries so people won’t take advantage of you and your well being.


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