Let’s Take a Seat


If you have ever struggled to find a voice in this world, this is the right place for you.

If you feel like you need a non-judgmental way to express your pettiness, then this is also the right place for you

Hello and welcome to my red couch. This is a place where we can sit back and chat about the lessons we have learned in life, serious or not.

Let’s have a chat….

This is a place all about sharing  experiences in this awesome time of  life, giving you some enjoyment  discussing adventures and talk about lessons learned along the way.

I truly believe life is what you make it, especially relationships. My 10+ years in education has definitely taught me a lot about forming positive relationships. It has also helped to form positive relationships with myself and others.

I started blogging because I felt lost and confused. I was just trying to find my voice again, without any restraint. So three years ago I began to type and well…..here we are.


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