Purpose…Lemme Get Some of That

I have a confession, I am missing my purpose. Yep, I have no clue what it is and have been searching for it for the past 2 years. I think after I got married I have been wrestling with the importance of my existence in this world beyond being a wife. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but as I have talked about in previous blog entries, I don’t feel like “wife” is the only purpose I have to fulfill in this lifetime.

Now all I feel is wanting, a desire to do something greater. I just don’t know what that greater is. In my last couple of podcast episodes, I was joined by two wonderful life coaches, Dr. Sadi and Tanya J. Miller, but made me think about what I could be doing differently. These are the steps that I am going to take to get back to finding my purpose.

Pray and seek God:

To be honest I am perfectly okay with what is happening right now with the world. Now we all have a chance to see how much wasted time we have during a normal day. I plan to spend my extra time in devotional. I think the best way to find purpose is to immerse yourself in God’s word and conversation with Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 is what I plan to meditate on day and night. I have let the cares of this world direct my path rather than seeking the plans God has for me.

Take my advice:

If you don’t know, last summer I wrote an ebook called The Journey Back to Loving Yourself, published it and then hid it under a rock. Why? I felt like a fraud. I wrote the book describing a process I thought I had mastered, not knowing I would keep returning to that lesson again and again as the circumstances of my life change. So I plan to read and follow the exercises that are in the book to help me see where I am and focus on where I want to be.Journey to finding my purpose

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable:

This one is very hard for me. I HATE being uncomfortable. I will problem solve and strategize ways to move away from the discomfort and back into homeostasis. It’s human nature to stay with the status quo, this also causes you to be content with being mediocre, less than who you should be. I need to be okay with this discomfort because I feel like this is more of a push I need to move forward. I am tired of waking up every day dreading the humdrum pace of life. It’s time to let this discomfort push me into my purpose.




And She Creates A Show


Promoting and motivating on my own behalf hard. If you have some of my past blog posts I have a very hard time promoting myself. I am used to being to motivation to others, I am EVERYBODY’S cheerleader.

The podcast has afforded me the opportunity to be a motivation and push for myself more than usual. I have also partnered with people who have also been my cheerleader. Thank you to my podcast fam and all of my faithful supporters/ listeners. I love you guys for all that you do. 


Dealing With Grief

Dealing with Grief

This episode was an eye-opener for me as my wonderful guest and I discussed dealing with grief. My lovely guest Cynthia Wright who I a podcaster, writer. She is the creator of her podcast called Getting Your Sh*t Together Podcast, where she talks about life recovery, trauma, and how addressing patterns was the key to her life in sobriety. You can find her on all streaming podcast services and on Instagram at @gettingyourishtogether. New episodes drop every Thursday at 8amET! Check it out.

Dealing With Grief Show Information

On this episode of Confessions From a Red Couch Podcast, we discussed the grieving experienced we both endured due to the loss of close loved ones. We talked about how no one can dictate how long or how you deal with grief and how it manifests.  We also discussed the positive and negative ways that we coped during the process.

The next show is all about setting healthy boundaries. Y’all already know that I a big on creating positive boundaries so people won’t take advantage of you and your well being.


S2 Ep 14: Nah….We Don’t Do Valentine’s Day

Check out the new episode!!! Chris and I talk about why we don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love.


We don't do Valentine's Day

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Bonus Episode: My Uterus Hates Me

Not much to say about this bonus confession time I’m giving you. Just know my uterus has hated me for a very long time, and now that I want to have a baby, this b***h is acting all the way up. Yes, I cried. Yes, I am in a really dark place. No, I don’t want to smile and think positively. I need to feel this moment for what it is and then I can move forward.

Confession Time

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Yo…..I Messed Up

In this episode, I was supposed to have a guest but yeah I messed up. Listen to see how NOT being true to myself and working in my strengths caused me to fail at meeting the goal of having my first guest for 2020. Make sure you check out last week’s episode about staying consistent. Being consistent helped me to keep pushing past my mistakes and record this episode. 

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Win, Lose, Or Draw….Stay Consistent

This episode I talk about not giving people privileges they don’t deserve, the runaway royals and tips why and how you need to stay consistent with your goals. Don’t forget to get the Goal Setting Playbook to help you crush your goals and dreams.
Goal Setting to stay Consistent
Check out the last week’s episode to find out why you need to write your goals down.
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Write the Vision: The Good, The Bad…..Hell Just Write It

This episode I talk about how to write your vision so you can crush them in 2020. Make sure you check out the Goal Setting Playbook to help set your goals and take the first step in making your dreams a reality. 
Goal setting playbook to help you write the vision
Check out episode 22 and to learn about why you set goals instead of new year resolutions.
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New Year Resolutions Are Scams

New year, new episode…EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! That’s right I am bringing you a new episode each week. January is all about dreams, visions, and goals. I want to help you crush your goals for 2020. Let’s start off with why new year resolutions are scams.


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Episode 20 Adultish Gift-Giving

Adultish Gift-Giving

As we start adulting, gift-giving becomes a little more complex. So this episode we coined the phrase “adultish gift-giving” No longer are we jaded by the bright and shiny new toys that will be broken within 24 hours. We now want things that can help make this scam we call adulting just a bit more tolerable. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the gifts we give to make those we love happy. My girls and I also talk about holiday traditions and what they mean to us. Make sure you sign up for the email list to get the big discount, from now until Dec. 31st. 

Random lessons in Dating:

Stop calling me!!! We talked about a topic that was sent in by a listener. Why do people contact you after they see you in a happy relationship? Is it human nature for us to be greedy? Also, we talk about how to stop that person from ruining your good thing. 

Social Media randomness

  1. The Turkey Leg Hut Conspiracy: How gentrifiers lied and schemed and tried to get a popular restaurant shut down. 
  2. Ms. Universe: how the face of beauty is changing in society

Confession time: Adultish Gift-Giving

  1. Adultish gift-giving: How to give gifts to improve adulting
  2. Holiday traditions and how they have changed as we get older
  3.  How the scam of adulting has changed us over time 

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Make sure to check out the recent blog posts “Who I would Love to Meet” and “An Open Letter to My Younger Self“. The Podcast will return next week for our last episode before we go on Holiday break and will return January 8, 2020. Until then make sure you improve your relationship with yourself so you don’t take your trash to others.

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