S2 Ep 14: Nah….We Don’t Do Valentine’s Day

Check out the new episode!!! Chris and I talk about why we don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love.

We don't do Valentine's Day

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Bonus Episode: My Uterus Hates Me

Not much to say about this bonus confession time I’m giving you. Just know my uterus has hated me for a very long time, and now that I want to have a baby, this b***h is acting all the way up. Yes, I cried. Yes, I am in a really dark place. No, I don’t want to smile and think positively. I need to feel this moment for what it is and then I can move forward.

Confession Time

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Yo…..I Messed Up

In this episode, I was supposed to have a guest but yeah I messed up. Listen to see how NOT being true to myself and working in my strengths caused me to fail at meeting the goal of having my first guest for 2020. Make sure you check out last week’s episode about staying consistent. Being consistent helped me to keep pushing past my mistakes and record this episode. 
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Win, Lose, Or Draw….Stay Consistent

This episode I talk about not giving people privileges they don’t deserve, the runaway royals and tips why and how you need to stay consistent with your goals. Don’t forget to get the Goal Setting Playbook to help you crush your goals and dreams.
Goal Setting to stay Consistent
Check out the last week’s episode to find out why you need to write your goals down.
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Write the Vision: The Good, The Bad…..Hell Just Write It

This episode I talk about how to write your vision so you can crush them in 2020. Make sure you check out the Goal Setting Playbook to help set your goals and take the first step in making your dreams a reality. 
Goal setting playbook to help you write the vision
Check out episode 22 and to learn about why you set goals instead of new year resolutions.
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New Year Resolutions Are Scams

New year, new episode…EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! That’s right I am bringing you a new episode each week. January is all about dreams, visions, and goals. I want to help you crush your goals for 2020. Let’s start off with why new year resolutions are scams.


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Episode 20 Adultish Gift-Giving

Adultish Gift-Giving

As we start adulting, gift-giving becomes a little more complex. So this episode we coined the phrase “adultish gift-giving” No longer are we jaded by the bright and shiny new toys that will be broken within 24 hours. We now want things that can help make this scam we call adulting just a bit more tolerable. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the gifts we give to make those we love happy. My girls and I also talk about holiday traditions and what they mean to us. Make sure you sign up for the email list to get the big discount, from now until Dec. 31st. 

Random lessons in Dating:

Stop calling me!!! We talked about a topic that was sent in by a listener. Why do people contact you after they see you in a happy relationship? Is it human nature for us to be greedy? Also, we talk about how to stop that person from ruining your good thing. 

Social Media randomness

  1. The Turkey Leg Hut Conspiracy: How gentrifiers lied and schemed and tried to get a popular restaurant shut down. 
  2. Ms. Universe: how the face of beauty is changing in society

Confession time: Adultish Gift-Giving

  1. Adultish gift-giving: How to give gifts to improve adulting
  2. Holiday traditions and how they have changed as we get older
  3.  How the scam of adulting has changed us over time 

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Make sure to check out the recent blog posts “Who I would Love to Meet” and “An Open Letter to My Younger Self“. The Podcast will return next week for our last episode before we go on Holiday break and will return January 8, 2020. Until then make sure you improve your relationship with yourself so you don’t take your trash to others.

Who Would I Love To Meet

3 Women I would Love to Meet

Certain people shape our lives for the better and then there are those that you read about but would love to meet in person. I have been blessed to have amazing women (you can read about them here) in my family that have shaped and molded me into the young nerdy gangster I am today (laughing but very serious lol). Here are the three women I would love to meet and spend some time just chit chatting and laughing over some good old tea.

Love to meet

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, Queen of the side-eye, most fabulously dressed, and one of a kind first lady. I don’t think we will ever get another first lady like her. Before even meeting President Obama she had a deep knowledge of herself. Michelle Obama grew into her own before even thinking about being connected to someone for eternity. I think her story is amazing. Even though I read her book and listened to the audio-book (because the tickets sold out too fast when she came to Houston), I want to know more about her. Her true thoughts about the ones who hated her very presence in the White House. I want to know how she’s adjusted to semi-regular civilian life.

Toni Morrison

Tar Baby pulled me in and Beloved captivated me. Toni Morrison’s words captured my young heart the moment I opened her book. I watched a documentary and listened to her speak of her life and how she came into the literary world. To think a young woman who grew up in Ohio became the voice for the African American woman’s experience here in America . She paved the way for other amazing authors. All because she felt the need to give back women a chance to share their stories.

My Great Great Great Grandmother

She was the daughter of a slave master, passed as white to escape slavery and died during childbirth. My great great great grandmother experienced things I could never understand. I want to know how she was treated as a child. What were her thoughts as she just walked away from a life she knew she could never return to? What was her relationship with her mother and her siblings?
These women in my eyes were brave. They stood up against all odds, lived their lives without looking for fame or notoriety. I think that’s missing in today’s society. I know the majority go through issues and their stories should be told. But then some are just clout chasers. The only reason we know their stories is so they can be verified by society.

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An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, 

Where to begin? Look you amazing person you, if no one else tells you you’re amazing I will. You will accomplish so much, some of it for yourself and some to please others. But in the end, you will realize that it has shaped and molded you into a great person. I appreciate the lessons we have learned in our past and the story we have created for our life.  Here are some lessons that you will have to keep learning. 

Things will get tough but you are tougher

Look, girl, things will not always be perfect. You will fight to accomplish things people will never think you could do. That’s just you, you’re a fighter. There will be some things that you can’t fight and that’s okay. These lessons will teach you more about yourself than you beating them. Keep your head up, only smile when you want and sweat the small and large stuff but not for too long. 

Just because you are the oldest doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help

I know you feel like you shouldn’t have to ask for help because you’re the oldest, but guess what THEY ARE YOUR PARENTS! Stop letting people think that you have to set the example by being a strong independent child. You are but you’re not. You still need your parents no matter how old you get. They are your support system just like they are everybody else’s. Ask for help, ask for guidance, hell ask for money and don’t feel guilty about it. There will come a time where you will pay them back (you do have to take care of them when they extra old and crusty). You are not above asking for help so stop stressing about what they will think about you because you need them just like they need you. 

You really can do bad all by yourself but it’s better with a partner

As your Grandmother told you, you can do bad all by yourself, and guess what you do. You travel, you make big purchases, you live life and live it well. You will not wait for anyone to do anything, and that is why people don’t get you. It’s okay to traverse this life on your own but you won’t. God will send you friends that are willing to take the journey with you. They will love you with all your faults and foolishness. And just when you think you are good with everything God will send you a man that you didn’t pray for (and you were fighting to NOT be with). Why, even though you are amazingly awesome by yourself, you need other people.

Wear the freaking dress

thick THICK
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Your body is amazing sis!! People are going to comment about how stacked you are. For some reason, the way you are shaped makes others uncomfortable. They will project their low self-esteem on you. Their shame will cause you to have body dysmorphia. Girl, you are thick THICK! (ooohhh, you should also buy this shirt here).

You may not appreciate it now but you will. You will love your curves. Once you understand that you are blessed and highly favored in that area the better off you’ll be. So wear that dress, show your mid-drift, wear those shorts, etc. There will be a time when you can’t so you might as well do it now and walk in confidence.  

Be happy

It’s okay to be happy even when others aren’t. Life is hard and things get tough. People aren’t going to like you and you may not like some people. It’s okay, you won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Smile when you want, laugh when you can and always be positive. Things will work out in the end so just be happy.

Click here to read how I finally began to accept my body for what it is. Also, make sure you tune in to the podcast next week to hear the wonderful blogger and stylist, The Almond Girl Styles, as we discuss self-worth and self-acceptance. You can catch it on the youtube channel or any major listening platform (apple podcast, google podcast, etc).


The Ultimate Refresher In Self-Love

I didn’t realize I started back on this self-love journey until I posted my last entry 5 Reasons You Should Log Off. This post I want to take a dip into how to love yourself again. I took this journey when I first began blogging but it’s a necessary refresher.


Make time for you

Always make time to refuel yourself. For some reason, we usually put ourselves last. It’s like we hope someone else will give us permission to take care of us. Look, if you don’t take care of you then who will. Take time out of each day for you. Whether it’s taking a walk (not for exercise reasons) or reading a book that you enjoy, do it. If it makes you feel good and improves your mental and physical well being, then do it.

 Accept yourself in the moment

Accept where you are at this moment. We get caught up in planning the next big project, the next way to improve, progress, make money, be amazing. SIS….stop (I’m talking to myself right now). We have to learn to accept who we are at any given moment. Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses, and breath in the right now. So what you aren’t where you want to be but acknowledge that you are further than what you were.

Breath through your issues

This also comes from accepting yourself at the moment. You have to know that you are not perfect and never will be. I have beat myself up countless times for messing things up or behaving a certain way. You know I’m not the first person to do it and I definitely won’t be the last. What I will do is accept the mess that I am and keep moving through my self-love process. The only perfect person I know to have walked this Earth was Jesus and I ain’t even close to that. 

Make a plan and Do it

Write the vision, make it plain, state what you want and do it. What’s pitiful is someone that wallows in their mess without trying to figure out how to get out of it. Stop playing the victim and make a plan. You don’t like the way someone treats you? Plan to have a conversation with them. You don’t like your current job? Start applying for things you want to do. Make a plan, step out on faith and do it.
 For more information self-love you can buy my ebook The Journey back to Loving Yourself. It’s a great interactive guide on how to get back to you.

Journey to self-love

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