Season 2


Season 1

S1 Ep 14: This Adulting Hit Different
Dating when Lonely
S1 Ep 13: Only When You’re Lonely
S1 Ep 12: Filled But Not Fulfilled
Toxic Traits
S2 Ep 11: You’re Toxic…and I Might Be Too
Your Words Mean Things
S1 Ep 10: Your Words Mean Things Sis
S1 Ep 9: Me, Hennessy Marie and Self Care
S1 Ep 8: Confessions From the Bibliophiles
S1 Ep 7: Newlywed Edition
S1 Ep 6: Hello Failure
S1 Ep 5: Why I Never Wanted to be Wife Material
S1 Ep 4: It’s All About That Block
S1 Ep 3 Toxic Relationships
S1 Ep 2: Self Talk
S1 Ep1: The Beginning
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